Self-confidence is not a talent, it is a skill

So how do you build and maintain self-confidence?

  • Compliment yourself for small achievements.
  • Write down a brag list about all your accomplishments.
    Read it whenever you start doubting yourself, or you need a portion of encouragement.
  • Repetition is the KEY. You become confident by practicing and trying things again and again.
  • Ask your manager, colleagues, or friends to name your best traits and what makes you a great person or professional. Remember their words whenever self-doubt strikes!
  • Replace negative self-talk with a positive one. Tell your mind believe in your abilities!
  • Look at successful people as a great example but not as someone who is better than you.
  • Consider failure as your friend. Failure is a redirection and progression:)
  • Don’t strive for perfection. Btw, perfection is very subjective and what perfect for you isn’t necessarily perfect for others!



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Anastasiia Serafyn

Anastasiia Serafyn

Life and Career Coach | I help people who feel lost build gain clarity and uncover their strengths to build a fulfilling life.