Never too late to take charge of your career!

Anastasiia Serafyn
2 min readJan 14, 2022

It’s a new day. You come to work, open your laptop, stare at your screen, and can’t motivate yourself to do the job. You feel like you don’t care about your performance and reputation anymore.

Doesn’t it make you confused, frustrated, and low in energy? Needless to say that your family suffers with you because you are always in a bad mood, and the only thing you are talking about is how unhappy you are.

Those are the possible reasons:

  • You don’t believe in a company’s mission, product and values
  • You lack trust, respect, autonomy, and feedback
  • You have been in the same role for years, and it turned to be a routine
  • You have been passed over the long-awaited promotion
  • You keep thinking about finding a job that will make you fulfilled

Imagine you knowing what your next career step is and how to achieve your goals. Wouldn’t it be great to wake up excited every morning and go to work you love?

I was confused a few times in my career and didn’t know what to do. I was very negative about everything that was happening at my work. But I managed to find my purpose. I have never been so motivated and sure about my career direction as I am now!

Let me share a few practical tips:

  • Ask your manager to experiment with new responsibilities. You will get quickly engaged and will learn new skills.
  • Don’t wait for a miracle to happen. Instead, take ownership and ask to lead a new project.
  • Define an achievable goal and create a plan with a deadline to accomplish it. What should you do today, tomorrow, and next month to reach your target?
  • Network with people in your organization to learn about other roles and initiatives. You can uncover new opportunities without changing jobs.
  • Work with a person who can help you understand what career will make you fulfilled, identify your strengths, and build a solid career transition plan.
  • Take a break to get fresh ideas and re-evaluate your job situation.

Take one step at a time and see where it leads you. Open your mind to new perspectives and notice opportunities around you. You got this!

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Anastasiia Serafyn

Life and Career Coach | I help people who feel lost build gain clarity and uncover their strengths to build a fulfilling life.