Biggest job seekers mistake and what they can do about that

“I decided not to apply because I don’t have all required skills”. Please STOP doing this if you want to get your dream job.


✏️ A posted job includes a huge list of skills in order to find a perfect match. But there is no perfect fit. Thus, recruiters & managers always give up some “must-have” requirements.

✏️ Often, managers don’t know how to write a good job description or they have no time for that. It happens that they take an old template and repost it again. So it may not correspond to reality.

Sadly enough, a person who is responsible for tailoring a job description doesn’t realize that inaccurate requirements can scare away a suitable candidate.


If you’re interested in a vacancy but you’re not sure whether to apply or not, try the following:

💡Review profiles of people who work at that company in a similar position (skills, experience, responsibilities, tools). Do you have the same experience or background? If so, go ahead and apply.

💡Contact a hiring team to clarify what they really expect from the candidate. Not only receive you more information but you also get in touch with a person who can help you to get this fast track of the recruitment process. Companies like motivated and active candidates!

💡 Request and conduct informational interviews with people from that company to learn more about their duties and skills they must have to perform tasks. They can turn in your advocates if a conversation went well and mention your candidacy to the hiring team. Moreover, it will help you to tailor your sales pitch to influence recruiter to proceed with your candidacy.


If the job description happened to be accurate and your profile doesn’t match it, ask if there might be anything else for you. There are so many hidden opportunities, you can’t even imagine. Remember to follow up with an employer every now and then.

It is crucial to stay visible!

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