Actively searching for a job? Keep track of your applications.

After I moved to the Netherlands, I was actively looking for a job. I sent my CV to almost 60 companies. At first, I didn’t keep track of applications because I thought that I will find a job after a few attempts. I was mistaken and quickly realized that I have to arrange an application tracking process because of the overwhelming volume of responses, questions, calls, etc. It was a great solution since I could analyze the response rate, get ready for the first phone-screenings and adjust my strategy. Eventually, I received 2 offers I had to choose from:)

I am not alone in this. Recently I’ve talked to a Senior Developer who was looking for a job (his contract was terminated due to the crisis). He applied to nearly 50 companies and also created a spreadsheet which was constantly updated during the job search. It helped him to be more prepared, target better and get a new job!

Application Tracking Document

  • Name of a company
  • Location
  • Vacancy name + link to the job description
  • CV submission day
  • Channel you applied through
  • Stage in the selection process
  • Type of contract
  • 30% ruling assistance (applicable for The Netherlands)
  • Visa (you & family) + immigration arrangements
  • Benefits
  • Probation period
  • Discussed salary expectations
  • Feedback (to learn from it and improve skills to get selected)


Job location

Common patterns

Always be ready

Good luck!

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