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“I am wasting my life on a job I don’t like.”

“I lost my sense of purpose at work.”

“I can’t do it anymore.”

“I feel tired and frustrated building a career I am not passionate about.”

“I don’t care about my performance anymore.”

This is what I hear my clients say when they are facing a Mid-Career crisis. Have you been having one of those thoughts?

Regardless of your age, you can come to the point where you want to make a bigger impact and change your career. …

I was told by my boss that my English wasn’t perfect. My manager was a perfectionist.

I was grateful for that feedback and started improving my English skills.

At the same time, my self-confidence dropped, and I started avoiding all the situations when I had to speak English in front of a group pf people. I thought that everyone would notice my mistakes and how bad my English was.

The struggle became real when I opened my own business. I watched other experts delivering amazing presentations in English and was comparing myself to them. I believed that I had to…

After 9 years I got sick of my recruitment job.

I was so tired of that that I didn’t want to wake up and go to work. I wasn’t happy and didn’t have the motivation to do any better. I was daydreaming about my new career.

The first time it happened was more than 2 years ago and I thought that the problem was with the employer. So I change the company. However, after some time, I started to feel the same. I was frustrated and dissatisfied. Neither my leadership title nor salary could make me satisfied.

At that moment…

“I decided not to apply because I don’t have all required skills”. Please STOP doing this if you want to get your dream job.


✏️ A posted job includes a huge list of skills in order to find a perfect match. But there is no perfect fit. Thus, recruiters & managers always give up some “must-have” requirements.

✏️ Often, managers don’t know how to write a good job description or they have no time for that. It happens that they take an old template and repost it again. So it may not correspond to reality.

Sadly enough, a person who is responsible for tailoring a job description doesn’t realize that inaccurate requirements can scare away a suitable candidate.


If you’re interested in a vacancy…

After I moved to the Netherlands, I was actively looking for a job. I sent my CV to almost 60 companies. At first, I didn’t keep track of applications because I thought that I will find a job after a few attempts. I was mistaken and quickly realized that I have to arrange an application tracking process because of the overwhelming volume of responses, questions, calls, etc. It was a great solution since I could analyze the response rate, get ready for the first phone-screenings and adjust my strategy. Eventually, I received 2 offers I had to choose from:)


Conducting remote meetings, watching Netflix, cooking healthy food, working out, having virtual drinks, etc. What else can we do in times of coronavirus?

Many people have been affected by the current crisis. And I am not talking only about layoffs. Many of us are struggling with fear or anxiety. Others have a lack of communication and support.

So how can we show a little bit of empathy and help those who need us now? I’ve got some ideas:

  • You came across the post from someone who lost a job and looking for a new one?

💡 Please don’t ignore that request but rather like and reshare it. Maybe someone from your network is able to help. Be a good-hearted person.

  • You are a…

I was always trying to get an opportunity to work from home at least once a week. For some companies, this was the norm. For others, it was simply unacceptable. However, sometimes you just have to ask and explain why it is important to you. I had to have a few long negotiations but, believe me, it was worth it.

For me, it has been always very important for a variety of reasons:

  • I feel trusted
  • It brings flexibility
  • I believe that company (or at least a manager) shares my values
  • It gives me a sense of freedom

I have…

Anastasiia Serafyn

Career Coach | I help professionals build fulfilling careers, reach their full potential & thrive at work

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